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Last Friends – Episode One – Review and Caps

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Last Friends
Episode One
First Aired:
10th April 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart heart
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It starts at the end. Michiru is pregnant and someone has died. She is writing a letter to Ruka, but ends up throwing it into the bin. We then travel back before everything took place. Michiru’s life seems to be looking up. She’s going well at her job as an apprentice hair dresser, and her boyfriend Sousuke, who works in child welfare, has just asked her to move in with her. As she is shopping for homewares, she runs into her best friend since junior high, who she hasn’t seen in four years, Ruka.

What follows is a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride. No one’s life is ever simple and everyone has problems. However, the five main characters are all tied together in some ways, as the opening sequence shows us. This is the kind of drama that comes along every so often that makes watching Japanese dramas worth it. In a word, this show is brilliant.

Sorry, I may gush about this show. But I knew from the moment of the powerful opening sequence of this show that I would probably love this. And I did. This isn’t your average drama. So far, in this first episode, it deals with domestic abuse, homosexuality, friendship and love. Who knows what else it will bring.

I really loved the characters, and found their responses to situations realistic. I haven’t dealt with domestic abuse myself, but I know people who have, and I know how people can manipulate you into thinking you are at fault for them hitting you. In Michiru’s case, I can see strongly that she is searching for someone who loves her, some one who pays attention to her in the way that her mother doesn’t. At the very beginning of the episode we see Sousuke waiting for her from her work window, an action we interpret to mean that he is a great guy for waiting for her when she is late to an appointment. As the show moves on we know that it is possibly a darker motivation for him being there.

Ueno Juri as Ruka is awesome. I love this character ten times better than her Nodame character. Sexual harassment and gender discrimination still happens people! I like a character who isn’t afraid to be different, especially in a culture where being different isn’t so favourably looked upon (well, who am I kidding, my own culture is somewhat the same).

Takeru, I felt, we didn’t get to see much of this character, but I have to comment that Eita’s hair is as crazy as ever.

good I don’t know what it is about this show, but it has really grabbed my attention and I can’t look away.

bad I’m not sure what to fault this episode on. There was nothing I didn’t like.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series and I hope that it keeps the standard it has set in this first episode! heart heart heart heart heart


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