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Last Friends – Episode Four – Review and Caps

Posted by on Jun 10, 2008 in Reviews | 3 comments

Last Friends
Episode Four
First Aired:
1st May 2008
Carlie’s Rating: heart heart heart heart heart
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Michiru stays at the share house while Sousuke stalks Ruka to find out where Michiru is. Meanwhile, Orugin and Eri go pair cup shopping.

They cut the opening sequence! Poo! I really enjoy the opening, I just feel it is so powerful, and they cut it! I don’t mind so much, it means an extra 30 seconds or so of action. But Poo!

It is refreshing to see Nishihara Aki acting like such a bitch after only seeing her in “good girl” roles such as Hana Yori Dango’s Yuki. I can’t help wonder if there is something going on with her bullying though…

I also feel sorry for Ruka. Why can’t we all be treated as equals? It’s stuff like that that pisses me off.

Ogurin is cute in a wall-paper kind of way. Yeah, his character is very bland. I like Eri, but her voice is so irritating! I can see her staring in a Japanese version of The Nanny.

In this episode we learn more about Sousuke from Michiru’s point of view. I feel so bad for Ruka that Michiru doesn’t even see her pain or how she worries for her. Michiru is blind to it all.

Is waiting all night in the rain for someone sweet or sinister (or stupid!). I can understand what they were trying to do at the end of this episode. Someone standing in the rain, waiting for me… that is a stupid yet sweet action. We see this kind of thing in Hana Yori Dango. However, because we know Sousuke’s history, we see it as a sinister action. I can see how Michiru could interpret it as an action of someone who cares for her very much.

BillyWest alerted me to this Mainichi news article (not currently accessible) where the author can’t understand why Michiru went back to Sousuke at this point. I think that the author of this article doesn’t fully understand what women can go through when they are in this situation. In fact, I can’t either, but I do know someone who has gone through this situation. In this show I see all the “classic” or “cliche” things that people in a domestic violent situation go through. I have seen someone go back to a violent man two times, something that I only understand on the surface. This news article thinks that this show isn’t an accurate portrayal of DV, but in my limited experience I think it is.

good Another episode that I really enjoyed.

bad Um… Perhaps the whole Sousuke drama is getting a bit too melodramatic. A bit repetitive?

I am still enjoying this show a lot. heart heart heart heart heart


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  1. billywest

    The guy who wrote that article is a bit kooky sometimes, I think. You’re right; the show is really heavy and it can’t be summed up so simply. I think the point of the drama is to show how complex the human heart really is.

    At this time, the next to last episode has just aired here in Tokyo. Of course, I won’t give anything away. But, I will say that I’m both anxious and apprehensive at the same time about watching the final episode.

    By the way, even though I’ve long since seen the episodes you’ve been reviewing, I think you’re doing a great job.

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for giving this series a positive review. I’ve definitely fallen in love with it. There are a lot of unique elements going on in this that haven’t been explored in other dramas of the similiar genre and the electic cast is just amazing too.

    I wonder if this drama is getting a lot of attention in Japan? Because I haven’t been seeing a lot of commotion online about it..

    Though I am on episode 9, please keep watching and reviewing for me to read, this drama is definitely worth your time. ;)

  3. billywest

    Well, the last episode aired tonight. As always, no spoilers from me, but I will say that I’m sad it’s over; I looked forward to watching it each week. Now, the only show I look forward to watching is ‘Around 40.’ Don’t ask me why.

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