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Kimi wa Pet

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Kimi wa Petto (You’re my pet). It isn’t a heart wrenching “omg I can totally relate to the characters” show, but it is a lot of fun and interesting. It’s about a really tall, successful woman who bottles up all her emotions and no one respects her because she is a successful woman. After a particularly bad day (she punched her boss – one of the many misogynists she has to work with) she comes home to find a badly beaten up boy in a box. She takes him in and cleans up all his cuts. He practically begs her to stay, and she is like “no way”, and he’s all “please” and so she’s all like “Only if you become my pet with no rights.” and he’s like “deal”.

So yes, the story line is… he is her pet. Of course, she gets a boyfriend who is ideal for her (a taller man, a man with a higher income than she, and he’s a sweetie and loves her) and so she has to juggle her pet and her boyfriend. Oh, and she has a psychiatrist who has a dog which he carries everywhere (I feel sorry for the dog) and the name of the dog changes every episode.

Some memorable parts:-
* The end of the second episode, Sumire is trying hard to keep her boyfriend out of her house, but he manages to come in, and after they have shared a kiss (where they just stand with their lips pressed for 20 seconds, no movement), Momo, the pet, comes around the corner and starts barking.

*Samire has a friend over and they are talking about Sumire’s feelings with her boyfriend. Momo comes out wearing a shower cap on his head yelling enthusiastically “Sumire-chan, Sumire-chan, I’ve finished cleaning the toilet” (or something like this). Sumire tells him to go clean the bathroom. She continues talking to her friend – her friend says that she needs to act more like the real her around her boyfriend. A few minutes later Momo comes out again, just like before. “Sumire-chan, Sumire-chan, do you want me to put your pads in order from heaviest to lightest?” Sumire yells “Momo, no!” and chases him back into the bathroom. Friend comments to self, “not too much of the real you”.

Overall it is very sweet and very predictable, but I like it. It was very amusing and made me laugh.    

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