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Hana Kimi – Episode One

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Ikemen Paradise
イケメン ♂ パラダイス
Episode 1
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It’s silly. Romantic. Awesome! Hana Kimi will definitely try to give Hana Yori Dango a run for its money.

The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya, which has already been dramatized in Taiwan. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi (Oguri) compete in the high jump on television. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol.
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OK, you can tell this series is trying hard to appeal to teenage girls. From romance scenes, topless scenes, lots of boys. It does seem a bit desperate… but I’m not complaining ;)

It was a bit confusing with all the boys that were introduced. I really have no idea who is who. However, Oguri aka Sano is HOT! I am really loving the dark hair, he looks 100x hotter than he did as Hanazawa Rui.

Overall I am not sure what to think of this series. It will probably be a bit of fun but nothing too exciting. Hopefully it’ll get better.

So… where were the teachers when Mizuki collapsed on the running field?

for Oguri is hot! There is some good humour in here.

bad It felt a bit too silly, like they were trying to hard to be “cool”. It was a bit confusing with all the characters.

Is it just me or is the theme ending song “Peach” really really annoying?? Anyway, next up we have some kissing… heart heart heart


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