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Hana Kimi – Episode 6

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Ikemen Paradise
イケメン ♂ パラダイス
Episode 6
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Back from the beach, Mizuki’s parents visit! Eek! What’s a girl to do? Especially when she is pretending to be a guy… Meanwhile, Sano is still trying/practising/training – there seems to be a lot of Mizuki/Sano tension. Yay! Of course, Nakatsu steals the most screen time – but also all the laughs so that’s ok.


So Mizuki asks Nakatsu to stay in their room a little bit longer, and of course Nakatsu says yes. What follows is a absolutely awesome scene where Nakatsu questions Mizuki about love – and his background keeps changing. And then, of course, he comes to the conclusion that Mizuki loves him.

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“Nakatsu… Chikai…”

Next up, much to her horror, Mizuki’s parents arrive. Her mother seems to act like a child and her father doesn’t have any personality at all.

This week’s challenge is to find some treasures hidden around the school. Exciting. In an unexciting kind of way. Just a bit of filler really.

Ah, some meat: Nakatsu senses the tension between Mizuki and Sano, and so sets them up – he watches from a far. Sano says something harsh but then regrets it. Before he can apologize properly, they end up arguing. Great tension!!! I want more scenes like this please.

ep06-034 ep06-039
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Mizuki decides to go back to America, but her father and Nakatsu convince her otherwise.

Sano jumps again and makes it! What do ya know, he actually can high jump. Who would have thought. Mizuki runs for him, and *squee* they have huggles! And Nakatsu sees. Aaaaa the tension!

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The challenge was highly crap but the Sano x Mizuki made up for it.

bullet OMG The tension! The huggles! The Nakatsu!

bullet Dumb challenge.

Up next… Mizuki is once again leaving for America. Far out girl, make up your mind!

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  1. Juluyasha

    Ive read all the manga,but I am curious what the real TV drama is like. I tried watching it in the beginning but didnt have anything interesting in it. Oh wellz. Time to try again! >:3
    I like the way you review them,makes it seem veeeeeery cool :3

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