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Hana Kimi – Episode 4

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Ikemen Paradise
イケメン ♂ パラダイス
Episode 4

This week we have some kind of dating party which would totally never happen in a normal school because most principals I know are allergic to any humans having contact. Mizuki also investigates Sano’s brother and wonders what the hell Sano is doing staying out late each night. Meanwhile Nakatsu tries his hardest to sleep with Mizuki…


The episode begins with the announcement of the joint sex party. I mean… both genders attending a party. Yes. We also have both Sano and Nakatsu thinking about Mizuki in the shower. Exciting stuff. Stay tuned for my Hana Kimi drinking party, but for now be warned that you will have to skull your drink in this episode. Yay for topless guys! (Inverted boobie I tell you!!)

ep04-002 ep04-012

So Mizuki spies on Sano’s bro and is surprised to see that Sano himself is also there. Darling Otouto punches Sano in the guts. Sano does a bit of splaining to Mizuki about his family life. Yay for one on one action!

ep04-015 ep04-016

Next insert sex party… I mean speed dating segment… Ah, whatever. Don’t these kids have a chance to do this in the play ground? Anyway, Nakatsu cracks me up, I’m glad he’s in this show. He’s just solid gold. It’s a shame Mizuki is destined for Sano, I like the clown. But the deep broody guy is also fun.

ep04-019 ep04-020
ep04-021 ep04-022

Just when Mizuki had given up and decided that she should go back to America, they discover that Sano has been jogging every night, training to start High Jumping again. Cue fake laughing scene which is just awkward.

bullet Nakatsu! Sano reading is sexy.

bullet It’s still silly but nothing I can’t handle.

I am enjoying this show a lot. It’s just a whole heap of fun. How can anyone not enjoy it? It plays on High School fantasies which I think is great, plus there is all the topless scenes…. Also, I think Horikita Maki is doing a fab job as Mizuki. I was a bit worried that she would turn out something like Nobuta, however the character is totally different which is fantastic. Way to go girl!

Next week, some kind of beach party? And Mizuki looks like she is about to get abducted but it reminds me of some kind of initiation ritual. I guess we’ll have to wait to see ;)


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