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Hana Kimi – Episode 3

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Ikemen Paradise
イケメン ♂ パラダイス
Episode 3
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We have a panty thief. We have Sano thinking. We have Mizuki’s brother in town and threatening to take her home. We have some more Nakatsu tension. We have Sano thinking again. Let’s not forget that awesome scene where they once again replay Sano high jumping…


Mizuki gets an email from her brother saying he’s coming to visit her. And Sano has seen the email! However, he just passes out again, silly drunk. So Mizuki goes and dresses all feminine to impress her brother… But he already knows what she’s doing is here to take her back to the US. Mizuki escapes with the old “I’m going to the toilet” trick.

Meanwhile, of course, there is a panty thief. While this is highly entertaining, I wish they would get rid of those silly girls. So damn annoying. The dorms decide to have a “find the panty thief” competition. Yay.

And then Sano finds out that she’s a she! *squee*. Very exciting.

ep03-004 ep03-008

Of course, cue first “thinking” scene. Let’s rehash, for those who have forgotten, “the incident”. Aniki (who was also in Nobuta O Produce) talks to Sano about Mizuki and also about high jump… Cue second “thinking” scene. I can’t quite remember, but I’m sure we get to see the thrilling clip of Sano high jumping again. I think we should all play a drinking game – every time we see this, Drink!

This little talk spurts a fighting scene between Sano and Mizuki. At least, I think that’s what happened. I was only half paying attention because this was the Shirtless Sano scene. See a boy topless? Drink! Is it just me or can everyone else see Sano’s inverted boobie?

ep03-011 ep03-012
ep03-016 ep03-014

So Mizuki has a little cry and Sano thinks a bit. Next day at class Mizuki acts all happy and Sano admires her. *squee*. I think there was some more thinking here too. I like a guy who thinks…

Next it’s some Nakatsu tension! I love his scenes. He gives Mizuki a drink and offers to listen to her problems. Instead she falls asleep on his shoulder. He goes in for the kiss… just as he gets his photo taken. After catching the photographer, he stumbles upon some woman’s underwear. After getting excited and then even more excited that he’s not homosexual, he does a little dance… in woman’s undies.

ep03-018 ep03-019
ep03-020 ep03-021

ep03-024 ep03-025
ep03-026 ep03-027

This starts the whole big panty search – where it turns out it was the dog.

Sano meets with Aniki again and tells him to piss off and leave Mizuki alone. High jumping scene – DRINK! Back at the dorm, Mizuki gets an email from her brother saying he’s left already. Sano gets topless – DRINK! Sano thinks again…

bullet Nakatsu! Lie detector was fun. The drama with Sano was good – the highschooler in me just goes *squee!*

bullet Get rid of the girls.

Next week, the dorms are closing?? starstarstarstar


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