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Goddess Carlie’s Smackdown – Matsujun’s Mop Hair vs. Yamapi’s Mop Hair

Posted by on Jul 7, 2008 in Reviews | 4 comments

Which Mop Hairdo Tickles Your Fancy?

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In the last poll, Shoushi vs Knight, Soushi was the clear winner with 61% of the votes. Congrats Soushi, you won our (and, somewhat, Riko’s too!) hearts.

This round it’s the battle of the Mop Hair Do. Which one does it for you? If any at all. But, you have to choose one. This may end up being a battle of the fan girls, but it’s all in good fun! So, which hair would you clean your floor with? Vote now, and share in the comments!


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  1. mooray

    LOL, is there an option for neither?

    Mop hair should ideally be kept on mops I think, but still I ended up choosing Yamapi after much deliberation because I like them both.

  2. Nodame

    I like MatsuJun’s, Yamapi’s hair makes him look like a girl, from the movie Grease T-T

  3. katie

    Jun’s faces looks the same no matter what…

    as for Yamapi..his look changes to fit the image intended. He’s still good looking nonetheless..but the curls do not do his pretty face enough justice..

    I still pick him simply because…he still manages to look so gorgeous.

    Jun..we just got used to his hair coz its been permed many times for so many dramas so many years…

  4. yuri

    jun forever!!

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