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First Kiss – Episode 1

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First Kiss
Episode 1

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In this romantic comedy, Inoue Mao stars as a selfish girl named Fukunaga Mio. Because of a serious illness, she lives in the U.S. for medical treatment. Before undergoing an important operation, she returns to Japan, where she meets the older brother she has been separated from since her parents’ divorce. She finds Kazuki (Ito Hideaki) leading a good-for-nothing life, but he shows his seriousness when he resolves to find a way for Mio to experience her first kiss. Hiraoka Yuuta plays the love interest, a rookie doctor.
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English! You should by now know my fetish for the Japanese speaking English :) And I have to say, poor Inoue Mao’s English is quite bad! English is a language that can be mangled quite a bit and still be understandable. With more second language speakers than native speakers, one comes accustomed to hearing English is strange accents. However, I seriously couldn’t understand half of what Mao was saying! It was a good laugh though. One has to wonder if Japanese speakers who know a bit of English could understand her.

I was really hoping that I would love Mio’s arrogant attitude, but I think that Mao acted it too over the top and it came across as very irritating. I’ve put up with Nao from Liar Game, who was the opposite (too damn friggin nice with no clue!) – so maybe Mio might win me over in a couple of episodes, but for now I don’t like her. I don’t love to hate her, I just don’t like her.

And I think that sums up the problem with this show so far. I don’t like the characters. I don’t care about the characters. This show doesn’t have much going for it but the characters, and they aren’t winning me over. Even the quirky roomies aren’t doing it for me. I don’t feel any connection to the characters, so I don’t feel any connection to the show. Over all, I have to say, I was quite bored.

Oh, and my poor Yuuta! He doesn’t look so great – and I blame the wardrobe department. Aren’t doctor’s uniforms suposed to look sexy? He does not look sexy! And then his out-of-doctor clothes – they put him in old man clothes! Oh, my poor poor Yuuta!


Mao, on the other hand, is gorgeous as usual. I envy how stylish she manages to look!

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The “First Kiss” thing with her brother trying to find someone for her… I think the way they came about this was really weak. And the incurable illness deal is kind of crappy too… It feels overused and because I don’t have this connection with Mio, I really don’t care… Yeah, as you can tell this show hasn’t really grabbed me.

bullet Ummm… えとね。。。

bullet I didn’t feel anything for the characters – except mild annoyance at Mio. In fact I was pretty bored…

I’ll watch the next episode, to see if it grows on me… heartheart


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