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Dragon Zakura – Episode 7

Posted by on Jun 20, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

Dragon Zakura
Episode 7

They all get interviewed by a news program and they prepare for the mock toudai exam – but all in all this felt like a pointless episode where shit all happened.

Well well well well well. This was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. “Look ma, we’re on TV”. And what the hell was the point of the scene in Sakuragi’s house/office?

The lead up to the mock exam had something going for it, but of course we have to wait til next episode for that. I liked the fact that Sakuragi, Ino, et al were anxious for the kids.

good Umm… the next episode looks good.

bad Nothing happened!!!

Yeah, this review almost seems like a filler review, doesn’t it… star star

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