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Dragon Zakura – Episode 6

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Dragon Zakura
Episode 6

Sakuragi and Ino go head to head to see who has the best English teaching method – learning through song or learning through grammar. We all know who wins…

lol@ the Director working as a night guard. Totally random. Yes, she is so irritating, but I love randomness. Randomness is good. It makes this show more entertaining.

This episode was a great episode. My heart does have a soft spot for English. It gave me some things to think about – in particular my own learning techniques and also the techniques I’m employing on this site. I hope I can improve this site because of this. My own idea of successful learning would include both methods – I need to know how a language works but I also need the fun side as well (as things can easily be learnt when you are having fun – I learn a lot of vocab by watching Japanese Dramas for instance!). Also, check back in a couple of days or so for something totally inspired by this episode.

Oh, and I love the Japanese speaking English. (huge fetish of mine!) OK, OK, so these guys are way better at English than I am at Japanese. I think I should definitely get up and sing to some Japanese music. It’d be good exercise too.

good Love anything to do with Japanese and English.

bad … Actually, not sure there was anything I was disappointed with in this episode.

Over all, a good episode. star star star star

(sorry, images removed 2007年11月7日 as requested by TBS)


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