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Dragon Zakura – Episode 5

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Dragon Zakura
Episode 5

This episode the kids are studying very hard. So when Ichiro’s dick head brother makes fun of Ryuzan’s students, Hideki has to stand up and defend himself. He’s working hard after all. Then somehow Ichiro gets injured. Of course we know that his brother has punched him – but Ichiro says he fell, and so Hideki gets blamed. Anyway, Ichiro rocks, so Sakuragi tries to convince him to join the class.

I like how the teachers do the same duster joke with Sakuragi as the students did… except it fails miserably and the teachers still laugh. And the zipper joke was funny too “Oh, mine’s undone too”. I like comedy.

Anyway, this episode was FANTASTIC because it was focused on my favourite character – Ichiro! My hero. I felt so sorry for him – no one once asked him if he was ok, after obviously being hurt. All they cared about was his brother. No wonder he is a doofus if he’s been treated that way his whole life. Ichiro is awesome. I love my doofus.

Note the bible quotes on Mizuno’s shirt. What is up wit dat?

good Ichiro focused episode. Do I need to say more?!?

bad The school’s teachers are lame, they really are. No wonder everyone is failing.

Next episode is all about learning English. And if you know me, you know I love Japan + English! star star star

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