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Dragon Zakura – Episode 4

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Dragon Zakura
Episode 4

Sakuragi brings in this old cram school guy “The TouDai Demon” to teach them maths. However, Yoshino cracks the shits because Yuusuke is paying a lot of attention to Mizuno and she’s jealous. Sensei Ino to the rescue – she agrees to play chicken run with a bikey gang to get Yoshino back into school. Oh, and plus there is the usual pressure of the teachers wanting Sakuragi to quit and all…

Sakuragi’s scooter is awesome. I mean, it’s sooo damn tough! An ex-bikey guy on a little scooter. Oh, and I can imagine him comming back to the school with Yanagi the TouDai Demon on the back.

This episode makes me glad that I’m not at school any more, doing maths. There is a lot I’ve forgotten which says to me – “If you don’t use it, you’ll forget”. Good tips for other things in life, like, say, learning a language. Might have to make a post about it one day.

I also like how, when watering the tree, Sakuragi seems to get more water on the poll. Oh, and was that Ino’s handkerchief in his pocket?? Ooooooh.

I’m especially looking forward to the next episode, featuring my one and only Doofus, Ichiro :)

good Seeing Sakuragi on the bad ass scooter. Seeing Ino flying off the scooter and into the water. The “Baka” head thing, and Yuusuke’s comments.

bad Again, annoying teachers/head teacher/Ino’s friend.

I’m enjoying this show more and more. Next episode, I’m hoping it’ll be good :)
star star star

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