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Dragon Zakura – Episode 3

Posted by on Jun 8, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

Dragon Zakura
Episode 3

Four students have signed up for the class, but they need one more. Mizuno is of course who Sakuragi has in mind. But, in order to convince her mother everyone needs to get 100% on a maths test….

There really isn’t much to comment about this episode. I have to say that the show is getting better and it feels like it is moving forward a bit now. And I love the doofus, Ichiro. I may never get over how awesome Ichiro is. I hope he joins the class and gets into TouDai over his brother. I also love what the tree represents.

good Ichiro! Plus the story is starting to gain momentum.

bad The head teacher is so annoying. I just want to skip these scenes. The other teachers are also annoying. As is the friend with the two guys she doesn’t like but wants to date.

Over all, a good episode, but nothing to write home about. heart heart heart

(some materials removed on 2007年11月4日 as requested by the TBS)


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