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Dragon Zakura – Episode 2

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Dragon Zakura
Episode 2

Sakuragi continues on his quest to get five students to sign up for this quest towards TouDai. But, as all the teachers think that this is a very bad idea, he decides that he will run the class himself. His first point of action is to enlist Yuusuke (the monster YamaPi becomes after he plays with lawn mowers). The easiest way? Buy him.

This episode felt like unneeded filler. Hurry up and start the class already?!?! I really think that this episode could have been combined with the first episode. There was lots of money in this episode, which makes me conclude: If Japan is really a cash based society (as demonstrated in Liar Game) then they really should strengthen their money. Australia has this wonderful idea: plastic coatings. You can try it too! Oh and it was painfully obvious who had brought the trumpet.

Overall… eh. However, next episode involves everyone living together. Ooooooh! Me wants to see that! Oh, and I vote ONE for Ichiro, my beloved doofus, into the TouDai club. Please…

(Oh, and to my beloved hard subbers – yay, my copy of this episode was much more readable. Also: In love with the random blabings during the opening. Sure it’s fun to sing along to karaoke, but random blabings are amusing. I’m wondering about your first comment and the definition of “funky”. If you mean “weird and unusual”, I can dig that. But if you mean “awesome and cool” then – I guess our tastes differ…)

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