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Deru Toko Demasho!

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Deru Toko Demasho!

Horikita Maki takes on the role of Shizuka Kamei, a high schooler who gets a part-time job as an assistant to the lawyer Hiromu Nonaka (Tanihara Shosuke). – d-addicts wiki

Funny, quirky, with Maki looking very cute post Hana Kimi.
Minimal-to-no spoilers ahead…


The show opens with Mother, Big Sis and Young Bro running away from debt collectors. Seems Daddy has run off and left the family with a debt. They manage to evade the collectors, however they show up outside of Shizuka’s school. She then gets expelled from her school because she is suddenly not an innocent little lady anymore. How lovely.

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Then there is a lawyer in her home – who seems to be a pervert but is actually only obsessed with high school girl’s uniforms. Yeah, ok, he’s a pervert. But he’ll become Shizuka’s surrogate father, so it’s ok. And it’s funny that he’s a pervert. I mean, it’s funny that he’s obsessed with uniforms. I don’t think he’s a pervert at all, he’s really a little high school boy trapped inside a man’s body. Actually, I quite enjoyed his character, I think he took the show up a notch.

deru006 deru007

Shizuka has to take up odd jobs to try and get money for her family. She has a stint at an idol competition, and blows everyone away with her singing. Literally. She is better than I am at singing. She also (tries to) walk dogs, and works at a video store, where she comes across The Lawyer again. Realising that lawyers make shit loads of money, she stalks him and talks him into hiring her as an office assistant. She is very very bad at being an office assistant.

deru013 deru011

Overall it was a very fun watch. Nice and sweet, but nothing exceptional. It was funny and I loved the quirky characters. The story line was engaging and it felt like it had a bit of depth to it. I’d watch it again. heart heart heart


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