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Book Review: Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzie

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Surprising Lord Jack book review

Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzies

  • Historical Romance
  • Expected publication: March 5th 2013
  • Carlie read 12th January 2013
  • Series: Duchess of Love #2
  • Carlie’s Rating:heart heart heart heart
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140 Characters or Less Book Summary

Silly yet Shakespearean, Frances dresses like a man to claim her independence, however happens to sleep in the same bed as a man.

(130 characters). No spoilers below. I was provided with this book thanks to NetGalley and the publisher Zebra.

The Book
This book opens with cross dressing. There, I’ve convinced you. Now go buy!

No, really, this is a favourite theme of mine. Girls dressed as boys, boys dressed as girls. It’s all good. In this case we have our heroine, Frances, dressed as a boy Francis. This book has a little bit of Shakespeare with a bit of Jack the Ripper mixed in, but overall a highly satisfying and enthralling historical romance.

Frances is on her way to London to secure her independence and dowry after being neglected and abused by men all her life. Thus, she doesn’t have a favourable view of men, especially Jack Valentine who is seen as a bit of a rouge and a womaniser. However, after they share a bed together and journey to London together…. well, if you want to know more read the book!

The Characters
Romance is all about the characters and the chemistry between them and this one does not disappoint.

The main characters did annoy at some points, the heroine Frances was a bit all over the place in her emotions (she’s over-angry, then she is over-upset, then she is over-nervous, etc). However, this is a minor quibble. Both Jack and Frances were a joy to read about. I did like Frances’ determination to be an independent woman (and the story made it plausible that a woman of her era would think that way, in my opinion – well, it was real enough to accept it and get on with the book). Without spoilers, there was an event in the book which I am glad happened the way it happened… Ah, just read the book already so you know what I mean. But as I was saying, I admire Frances for not backing down, for just wanting to do her own thing, and feeling her frustration that no one will let her.

Sum Up
Over all the characters and plot was great. I did feel it got bogged down in the third quarter, but it picked itself up again to end strong.

This is my first book by Sally MacKenzie, and I do not think it will be my last.

plus cross dressing
minus a bit slow moving 3/4 through


surprising lord jack book review surprising lord jack book review


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