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BBC Documentary – Sex In Japan

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Please note, you may not want to read this article if you don’t like sex or are easily offended. I have screen capped this, however the caps I have taken, I believe, do not show nudity however may have subtitles that talk about sexual matters. You have been warned!


This show is narrated by what sounds like Japanese accented English with Japanese interviews that are subtitled. It opens by saying that Japan is one of the most sexually liberated countries in the world and shows a woman in a school uniform stripping.

sexjapan002 sexjapan003

Sex and the naked body is something beautiful and to be enjoyed. It goes on to explain about how places like Tokyo are crowed and have small houses with not much privacy, so the love hotel was born.


The view of the Japanese is, apparently, that sex without love is OK.

This show is, if you haven’t worked out already, not for those who are easily offended, as it does show naked bodies and some sexual activities.

Next, an erotic photographer is interviewed. Apparently a genius and his photos are thought of by the Japanese as “works of art”. However, to my western eyes they just look like regular pornographic images and he seemed like a bit of an egotistical arse.


Next they talked about Japan’s Lolita complex; guys liking younger looking girls. (This is also talked about in the book I am currently reading at the moment and can’t wait to finish – Kickboxing Geisha’s, which goes into it with more detail and I think presents a more rounded view than this documentary). The show also talks about compensated dating, or enjo kosai. I found an interesting article about enjo kosai here, which also has some youtube clips of this documentary if you are interested. Basically this is teenage girls selling themselves for designer clothes and the like. I have heard of this before as it is featured in a lot of manga and tv shows to create some tension. The show says that laws have been passed to stamp it out, however the article I linked to above says it is virtually impossible to do because of the indirect nature of the “transactions” and that the age of consent varies from 13 to 17 depending on the jurisdiction.


“Adult men have sex with adolescent girls because they don’t have the confidence to communicate with real women.”

It’s hard not to judge a culture that perhaps I’ll never fully understand, but this here seems like a poor excuse indeed. (Not saying my culture is any better or lacks lame excuses).

White guy and Japanese woman who share a kiss that is a million times more passionate than anything that’s been displayed on a drama ever.

Bondage. Women being naked and tied up hanging from the roof with a rope. It is apparently very relaxing. I can see this as being an activity at a get-away resort. Now that would be interesting!

sexjapan010 sexjapan011

Well, the show was interesting but I think it only just scratched the surface. I mean, even if Japan is “liberated” as this documentary shows I have also heard that when love is involved it can be quite “traditional” and what westerners would consider outdated. Maybe this is more to do with love and romance than sex however – I’m not sure how two people who are in love have sex compared to the situations described in this doco.

To be honest I wouldn’t go out of my way to find this documentary, but it was an interesting 15 minutes of my life. heart heart




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