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Bambino! – Episode 6

Posted by on Jun 7, 2007 in Reviews | 1 comment

Episode 6

Ban sucks at being a waiter. Like, really sucks. Ever had pasta in your drink before? Never the less, with the help of his friends, he practises to make perfect. Umm, yeah, not much to it… hey, I watch this for the Ban-perve, what’s your excuse?

Bambi as a waiter goes from bad to worse. But, doesn’t it feel like he is hardly trying? And, well, surely he must realise that everyone starts out somewhere.

Asuka and Masashi come to the rescue. It’s what Ban needs I think, some friends. I think the three of them have great chemistry.

But then Bambi again goes all feeling sorry for himself. It was cute the first time, but it’s episode 6 for goodness sake. It feels so pathetic. And then the snob says something nice to him, and he’s all “I’m so awesome” again. He is full of himself. I’m glad Yonamine came and told him off (even if it was sudden and out of character and pointless).

Oh, and we get some Ban and Katori love near the end of this episode. Yay!

for Ban finally gets some friends

against Ban feeling sorry for himself. Ban feeling full of himself. I think the show needs more Katori.

Over all… meh. I didn’t even feel like I got a good Matsumoto Jun perve in this episode. *sigh* heart heart heart


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  1. Meimi132

    Why do I watch? For the Sato Ryuta content… I’m actually properly addicted….. I just want more and more and more………

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