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Bambino! – Episode 5

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Episode 5

Ban has to be a waiter, and wait his way into the kitchen. Unfortunatly, his heart just isn’t in it. Cue lots more Ban sulking. However, there is some developments in the relationship between Ban, Asuka and that other guy. I forget his name. And Ban/Katori developments! Woo hoo!

Ban is a HOT waiter. Ban should aspire to become a waiter model. And I really love Jun’s hair in this. I think this show would absolutely suck if it wasn’t for the eye candy. I mean, do any guys watch this show?

I love the weird guy. That guy who doesn’t talk. He reminds me of a chibi character from an anime – I mean a generic chibi character, not anything one/thing in particular. Maybe it’s just me.

You know, I think Jun has perfected the evil smile. I’d love to see him as a bad guy in a drama. More interesting than a wimpy guy.

Poor Ban. His pan doesn’t look non-stick. My pans are not non-stick. It makes me cry.

I love the toilet scenes. There should be more toilet scenes in dramas.

Ah, Ban is completely helpless. Bambi is a very suitable name for him. He definitely is this helpless little faun. He is really immature and needs to learn his place. Not just that, he needs to learn not to take everything to heart. Hopefully he will grow as a character soon.

Ah, Katori is only denying his feelings in this episode. We know he’s inlove with Ban. And Asuka just tells it like it is. You go girl! (wow, that sounded so 90’s).

Ban is way too full of himself. Either he’s feeling sorry for himself or he’s thinking he’s God’s gift to the world. He needs to shape up!! heart heart heart


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