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Bambino! – Episode 4

Posted by on May 28, 2007 in Reviews | 2 comments

Episode 4

Ban’s back home with his Girlfriend but he dearly misses that place he went to with the food and stuff. So he decides he’s going to quit university, pack his bags and move to Tokyo permanently to pursue his career as a chef. But Eri, the girlfriend, doesn’t want to give up her whole life just for Ban. So she goes on a journey to that restaurant that I forget the name of, to see what Ban is all about.

I really don’t see the chemistry between Ban and Eri. I envision that Ban will realise that she is as important to him as cooking – other wise I don’t really see much point to her being in this drama. Still, there is no chemistry. There is more chemistry between Ban and Katori – they are so cute together.

Do those two share a single bed? Their bed is tiny. How do they sleep?

Their date was very sweet and fun. I love how he was pulling her along but at the end she was pulling him along. Shame it had to end badly. Ban has his passions and he is right to follow them. Just as she is right for following hers. I admire that she will not blindly follow him. She may be homely (which often gives the misconception that the person will do anything for their man) but she is also her own person.

But, as she has stood up for her own wants and dreams, so must Ban. Cooking is obviously his passion and he has a fantastic opportunity here in an upscale restaurant.

So Eri journeys to the restaurant to see what Ban is willing to leave her for. In this scene, man her dress is the definition of innocence and purity. Imagine how she must look to the kitchen staff. Imagine if they knew she was Ban’s girlfriend.

Asuka comes to comfort the teary Eri – Asuka may be tough but she has a kind side to her as well. However, never insult a girl holding a big knife!

So after this whole experience, Eri understands just why Ban wants to – has to!- go back to that place. What she doesn’t realise is he is actually insane – well, if he wasn’t before he is now after the head fight he had with the pole.

Next episode looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! heart heart heart


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  1. hana

    i very like matsu :luvfly: :moreheart:

  2. mei

    Thanks for the pics and this nice post. Yeah, the drama didn’t show about their chemistry.. But I respect her for going all over that long journey from Fukuoka to Tokyo, and also so early and fast: I mean, it was really shock to hear that your boyfriend is going to leave even without you, and yet, the next morning she really went that far to see the place. It’s not so easy, only a person who really loves him would do that for him. It’s a pity and sad that they break up.. but well, it’s life. I hope not only Ban, but Eri also live happily even after that. and also for other people who have challenges like them. Eri is a really good woman, as you said..

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