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Bambino! – Episode 3

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Episode 3

It’s a busy weekend. Ban starts to realise what he can do to be even better than he can be. And then, it’s comes to the end of Ban’s stay at the restaurant in Tokyo, and yet he still hasn’t done any real cooking. He begins to think about his future and what he wants to do…

In case you are wondering, I write my reviews as I watch…. So, here’s my thoughts on this episode as it happens.

Yay! Smoking is disgusting Ban. Get rid of those disgusting smokes. Ah, that’s better.

The black and white flashes and write looks like its supposed to be in a car racing movie rather than a cooking show. Maybe its suposed to be to give it an edge but it feels out of place.

How can a fancy restaurant not have an electronic dishwasher?

I like the contrast between the calm restaurant and really busy kitchen.

The camera sways side to side, moving in and out to emphasise movement, fast pace. I guess they need something to make a cooking show look exciting.

I am hoping for more character development soon.

Ban tries so hard, which is great, but he takes compliments to heart and can be so full of himself. I do love a show with Jun on the toilet. Priceless.

Ban realises there may be more to running a restaurant than he thought. But cooking is in his blood, as he misses cooking.

He’s crying! Don’t cry Bambi, I will hold you. His lips look juicy in this scene. So very juicy. Am I getting sidetracked from the show? I wonder what gloss he uses.

This show is getting more interesting. I’m glad.

He looks on his time there as a good learning experience. Ban, come cook for me!

I like the strange chef who is always by himself and catches Ban in the toilet. It adds a bit of quirkiness to the show. I like quirky.

I love the end. Choke her! Choke her! I mean… um….

I have to say, I enjoyed this episode. This show is getting better. Next week’s episode also looks exciting. Some character development, not just Ban! Not that there is anything wrong with looking at Ban. I’m glad this is getting better. After a slow start, I’m starting to really like the show. heart heart heart


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