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Bambino! – Episode 2

Posted by on May 15, 2007 in Reviews | 0 comments

Episode 2

In this episode Ban tries his hardest in the kitchen. Chopping veges and washing dishes, however, isn’t what he pictured he’d be doing. And then, he gets careless and chops off his finger…

Damn Jun is かっこいい! I mean Ban. This is about Ban. Yes. えと… Ban likes to challenge himself. That’s nice. He’s also very conceited – although I think this is good because it leaves room for personal growth within the show.

Mmmm I love Italian food. How awesome would it be to work in an Italian Gourmet restaurant and have the best chefs cook you lunch. Mmmmm.

Asuka seems to be an interesting character. More interesting than the girlfriend.

I don’t like the black and white flashes. It seems like they are trying to make the show more “edgy” and I don’t think it works. It’s a cooking show for goodness sake!

I like Jun’s hair in this. It looks good. Jun looks good. Am I getting sidetracked again?

The episode looks exciting – except the build up with “Weekends are twice as busy” sounds really contrived. I hope this show starts to get a bit better soon. I’ll keep watching for Jun heart heart heart


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