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Bambino – Episode 1

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Bambino - Episode 1


Bambino is the story of Ban Shogo, played by the one and only Matsumoto Jun, a coutry boy who comes to Tokyo with the desire to be a chef. In his home town of Fukuoka he was praised as being an excellent chef, but in Tokyo he realises that he has a lot to learn. Still, he has a determination to keep at it to be the best chef he can be.

Bambino - Episode 1

To sum up this episode, it was OK. Of course one of the strong attractions I have to watching this show is MatsuJun, being my favourite Japanese actor (or my Japanese Boyfriend as I like to call him – however my Australian boyfriend doesn’t like it when I say that ;) ). Is MatsuJun enough to keep me amused? Well, yes he is, but I am allowed to be shallow some times in my life.

Not much happens in this episode. I thought the chemistry between Ban and his girlfriend was non existent. Luckily she wasn’t in it much. Ban smoking = two thumbs down. Ban being emotional and crying and stuff = one thumb up. Ban being full of himself = amusing as well. There wasn’t much comedy (something I love)… There really wasn’t much there. But I will persist, and hopefully it’ll get better.
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Bambino - Episode 1 Bambino - Episode 1 bambinoep01-005.JPG Bambino - Episode 1 Bambino - Episode 1 Bambino - Episode 1 Bambino - Episode 1 bambinoep01-010.JPG


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