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Autumn (Spring) Dramas 2007 – Part 1

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Eek! Spring has sprung upon me this year, it is already becoming quite hot. It’s sad that this season’s dramas are coming to an end but it’s exciting because it also means a whole heap of fresh dramas are about to begin! Let’s have a look at the new dramas. I’ve gotten all my information from the lovely drama wiki.


In “Galileo,” Fukuyama Masaharu plays a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu, who solves difficult mysteries. Affectionately known as Tantei Galileo, Yukawa is brilliant, an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric. Yukawa’s partner is a rookie cop, Utsumi Kaoru played by Shibasaki Kou. She is hot-blooded and has a strong sense of justice.

This show stars Fukuyama Masaharu, Shibasaki Kou (from Dororo and Orange Days) and Kitamura Kazuki (Bambino!). Hmmm, a detective story. I’m not a huge fan of the detective genre, so this one doesn’t appeal to me much.
Starts: October 15th

Abarenbo Mama

The comical home drama stars Ueto as the strong-minded Ayu, who has just married a divorced man (Yo Oizumi), despite a 12-year age difference and contrasting backgrounds (she grew up by the sea while he was raised in the city), as well as a 5-year-old son from his first marriage. While Ayu and her husband have their disagreements at home, she also gets in arguments with people outside the house, such as the other mothers at her son’s kindergarten.

Stars: Ueto Aya (from Attention Please), Oizumi Yo and Tomosaka Rie. Huge age difference story line. This one doesn’t really interest me either.
Starts: October 16th

Swan no Baka

Kamikawa takes the lead as Daisuke Suwano, a 40-year-old salaryman married to former co-worker Masumi (Misako Tanaka). Because his daughter is taking entrance exams, Daisuke is forced to live on only 30,000 yen a month. Hiroki Narimiya plays Kawase, an IT company manager who works in the same building as Suwano’s office, while Hitori Gekidan plays a deputy manager of the building’s cafe.

Stars: Kamikawa Takaya (Hana Kimi), Tanaka Misako, Narimiya Hiroki (Gokusen, Stand Up!, Orange Days). I’m not really sure what the underlying theme of this one is, but it doesn’t grab me either.
Starts: October 16th

Yukan Club

The story is a comedy revolving around six wealthy and popular high school students who solve mysteries and in their free time, amuse themselves lavishly. Akanishi plays Miroku Shochikubai, the son of the police commissioner.

Stars: Akanishi Jin (of KAT-TUN), Yokoyama Yu and Taguchi Junnosuke (Hanayome to Papa). This one looks like it’s going to be a popular one. I’m not a huge fan of Jin – I say this only because I’ve never actually seen any of his work – but I know other people are. I do like high school dramas so I’ll probably give this one a go.
Starts: October 16th

Hataraki Man

The story revolves around Hiroko Matsukata, an editor of a weekly magazine. Hiroko is so focused on her work that she has no time for romance, and others refer to her by the nickname “hataraki man” (“working man”).

Stars: Kanno Miho, Hayami Mokomichi (Jotei, Densha Otoko, Gokusen 2) and Kichise Michiko (Liar Game, Nodame Cantabile). Woman Work-a-holic story line. This one slightly appeals to me, but not so much that I think I would actually watch it.
Starts: October 10th

Stay tuned for more Autumn (Spring) Drama News…


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