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Arashi no Shukudaikun #120

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Arashi no Shukudaikun

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This episode’s guest was Tokio’s Nagase Tomoya, who has stared in My Boss My Hero and Utahime among others. This episode was awesome, heart heart heart heart heart


This episode is just wild! It involves giant meat… mmmm, I want some!
ansk-120-04 ansk-120-05
1.5kg steak! It looks like it is cooked to my tastes too.


ansk-120-07 ansk-120-08
A giant hamburger!

ansk-120-10 ansk-120-12
This is normal size, but not so normal way to eat it… kabab meat.

After the giant meat we get some role playing sports. Which includes close contact… It involved two teams getting into different shapes such as the Tokyo Tower.
ansk-120-13 ansk-120-14
ansk-120-15 ansk-120-16

ansk-120-17Nagase was here to promote his new movie. It’s called Heaven’s Door. I found out about this movie a while ago and remember being very teased by the teaser trailer. It is now released at the cinemas, here’s Heaven’s Door’s Official Site.

As you can see the show was a lot of fun! I enjoyed it very much. heart heart heart heart heart


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  1. mmnessa

    omg omg is that matsujun on top of ohno and sho on top of matsujun lawl

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