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Arashi no Shukudaikun #119

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Arashi no Shukudaikun

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The guest star this episode was Sato Ryuta, from shows such as Bambino, Rookies, Utahime and many more.


This was your typical episode, nothing really too exciting. Of course there was the spicy food… There is always something spicy. And somehow, it is always funny…

arashinoshukudaikun-119-06 arashinoshukudaikun-119-07

They were trying different ramen, and this episode had something interesting… Ice-cream ramen. I want to try that!!

arashinoshukudaikun-119-08 arashinoshukudaikun-119-09

Another great moment was when Nino revealed that Ohno’s fly was down.

arashinoshukudaikun-119-10 arashinoshukudaikun-119-11
arashinoshukudaikun-119-12 arashinoshukudaikun-119-13

And I’m sorry all Sho fans, but he confessed his love for Sato.

arashinoshukudaikun-119-05 arashinoshukudaikun-119-15

And here’s where I confess my unending love for doria. Mmmmm…

There were a few other shenanigans, but over all it was just an average ep. heartheartheart


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  1. yonasu

    Looks like fun! :) I need to start watching more tv shows without subs soon, it’s a good and fun way to learn…

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