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Advertising in Japan

Posted by on Feb 20, 2010 in Reviews | 1 comment

There is a big difference in advertising in Japan vs. Australia.

In Australia the majority of advertisement is by (unknown) actors acting as “everyday” people. For instance, an advertisement for KFC in Australia will perhaps feature a family enjoying their meal, or to make the unhealthy content somehow appealing by calling it “fresh”.

In fact the majority of ads (mostly from America but then dubbed in Australian accents) are about your everyday person wowing over how great a product is, with the minority with a famous person recommending something.

In Japan, however, famous (Japanese people, but also Hollywood stars) people are everywhere advertising for everything. You can check out my SMAP in Pocari Sweat post as an example.

I want to do more posts on who is advertising what. Even in my small city/large town I see famous people everywhere – advertising glasses to chocolate. Here is Ayase Haruka, who was in Mr. Brain and Jin, advertising for KFC.

Sorry about the flash. I was quickly making my escape from a bad eating decision and wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Hopefully I’ll have some nicer snap shots on my blog one day!

Oh, and while we are talking about advertisements, let me just say that I quite like the “Fog Bar” ones, and not for any kind of entertainment value or anything, just because they are pretty to look at…. (more fog bar to come!) Featuring the hotest boys in Japan, how can anyone look away?!?


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  1. Shay

    So true. Celebrities all over ads and commercials is exactly what I have come to love about advertising in Japan. It’s really fun to follow who’s advertising what and how =)

    Those fogbar ads are pretty ridiculously good btw ^-^

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