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Actor Profile: Mizushima Hiro

Posted by on May 6, 2008 in Reviews | 28 comments

Name: 水嶋ヒロ
Name (romaji): Mizushima Hiro
Real name: 斉藤智裕 / Saito Tomohiro
Birthdate: 1984 April 13
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

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Where Did I First See Him?
I first saw Hiro on Hana Kimi, as the dorm leader. I thought he was a bit of alright, and wanted to find out more about him. It turns out he lived in Switzerland for a lot of his younger years and so is fluent in English. I would love to hear him talk English.

My Opinion:
Definitely someone I would like to keep on eye on. For more than one reason.

TV Shows:
bullet Tokyo Dogs (2009)
bullet Mei-chan no Shitsuji (2009)
bullet Zettai Kareshi (2008)
bullet Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007)

bullet Official Website


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  1. haziyu

    hey there!ive been enjoying your zettai kareshi and papa to musume no nanokakan reviews for some time now.it was also because of you that i decided to read kickboxing geishas after i stumbled upon your site when googling hanadan i think?

    spread the hiro love yay! =)

    • GoddessCarlie

      Thank you so much for the comment. I love kickboxing geishas!

      I had seen that one before, but his English isn’t as clear as I would have liked. I mean, you can tell right away that he sounds like a native English speaker, but still, I want a clear one! I know, I know, I ask for too much.

  2. haziyu

    ahahaha i know what you mean.will keep scouting around for more.or one of these days when i finally get myself to japan ill extort english out of him.some.how.

  3. GoddessCarlie

    Ah!! Fathskie! I love you :) Great find there. :)

  4. keepsmile

    zettai kareshi was the first film i saw mizushima_san…

    honestly…i did’t really interested with his act..
    coz… i felt something strange acting…

    maybe…kinda innatural acting…

    i’m not sure…but when i watched that film…i just said that in my mind…

    but…keep fighting!!!

  5. Canaleta

    I love hiro so much in hanakimi as nanba minami, he is very sexy, and i like his voice specially in english.. I love him so muchh…:-*

  6. aLvR

    watch Room of King!!
    he’s there with a different hairstyle and it made him so cute…

  7. vin

    I love him after watch meichan no shitsuji.
    he looks really cool.
    watch lovely complex!
    i didn’t expected that he was there at first.
    he look different with eyeglasses

  8. Sp0rtybab3

    Damn he is so fine, have you seen him on Mei-chan no shitsuji ? It’s a new drama serious and he looks extra hot. He is so cute, i wonder if he has a girl friend; omg is he half european or something? cause he doesnt seem full japanese

  9. aya

    Heyy (^_^)
    i’m a major fan of Mizushima Hiro, and i love him (^_^) i was wondering if u could help me find his contact details. If you could i would love it.
    Thank you

  10. ChocoCat

    I enjoy MeiChan no Shitsuji too, it’s really sweet & funny. Of course I had to watch it ‘cuz Hiro-kun is in it but Eikura Nana (Mei) and Sato Takeru (Kento) also make this drama so fun to watch! Totemo tanoshii!~ (^__^)

    Commentor SportyBab3, from what I gather, it does seem that Hiro has a girlfriend! *sad smile* But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about him, haha! The lucky lady is Ayaka Lida, the singer who did the theme song, “Okaeri” for the drama “Zettai Kareshi”. Big surprise?? They’ve been spotted since late last year. Apparently, it seems that they’re from the same agency as well. Here’s a link of a photo of them together: http://uwasako.livejournal.com/35539.html

    Carlie, good going with the website! Please keep updating. Like you, I like Japanese culture & more importantly, the dramas!!

  11. ChocoCat

    Thought u might want to watch Hiro’s new CM (or maybe u’re faster & have seen it already!). It’s for Suntory’s new alcoholic beverage..Horikita Maki’s in it too! I like her too, she was great in Hana Kimi & I’m looking forward to her new Drama!



  12. Shelly

    I’m very happy that Carlie like Hiro, too!!!
    Though I’d seen his drama before, I also attention him after I saw
    Mei-chan no Shitsuji,he is very very handsome :D
    Sorry, I’m so excited :wave:

  13. pintot

    saw him on mei-chan no shitsuji..quite impressive..n he was cool..4/5 stars 4 him.. :yay:

  14. GoddessCarlie

    Follow up news on his relationship with Ayaka, as Chococate mentions, it looks like they are getting married?!?!?

    I heard it here

    It seems so sudden, apparently they have been going out for only 8months. But I guess when you know you know. Congrats Hiro!! Don’t stop making shows!

  15. tina

    yaa~they’ve been married since feb 22,2009!!!!

  16. morikolovehiro

    hes rly cute.
    hahaha im not sure does ayaka lida hes wife?

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