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Actor Profile: Horikita Maki

Posted by on Mar 11, 2009 in Reviews | 6 comments

makihorikata005 Name: 堀北真希
Name (romaji): Horikita Maki
Birthdate: 1988 Oct 06
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

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Where did I first see her?
Without realising it, the first time I did see Maki was during Densha Otoko, the series. How ever, of course, the first time I noticed her was in Nobuta wo Produce as Kotani Nobuko.

My Opinion
From Nobuta wo Produce, I began to see her everywhere! I really enjoy the shows that she is in and like to look out for her shows. That being said, you can really tell the difference between her real smile and her acting smile. It is really bad!

TV Shows:
bullet Atashinchi no Danshi (2009)
bullet Chance! (2009)
bullet Danso no Reijin (2008)
bullet Innocent Love (2008)
bullet Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP (2008)
bullet Tokyo Daikushu (2008)
bullet Deru Toko Demasho! (2007)
bullet Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007)
bullet Densha Otoko Deluxe (2006)
bullet Kurosagi (2006)
bullet Nobuta wo Produce (2005)
bullet Densha Otoko (2005)

bullet Official Webiste


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  1. yonasu

    Same for me, saw her first in Densha Otoko but didn’t even know who she was back then since that was my first drama ^^

    I’ll have to agree about her smile, it looks really fake from time to time, but I think she’s getting better. Gave her 4 stars :)

  2. fedhz

    sou da ne? I haven’t watched Maki in other series. haven’t watched Densha Otoko series.. or have i? I think it was movie or hmm.. I got bored in the first ep of Nobuta.. ^^

  3. Jenny

    Maki has developed lately it just have the feeling it depends on the director.
    I would agree that her biggest weakness is make her smile genuine because when she smiles for real she’s just adorable.
    she was imply amazing in Tokyo shounen acting a girl with split personality(one female other male) and in Atsuhime as princess Kazu.
    Also I liked her in Tokyo Daikushu with Fujiwara Tatsuya.

  4. alexis

    i think she is a great actress,who does not depends fully on cuteness. she has great talents,esp.in Nobuta and Hana KImi.can’t imagine any other actress that could potray that characters.I do agree that her smile depends on camera angle,but i think she improves alot recently..really hope to see her in the future.

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