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Actor Profile: Eita

Posted by on Apr 7, 2008 in Reviews | 9 comments

Name: 瑛太
Name (romaji): Eita
Full name: Nagayama Eita
Birthdate: 1982-Dec-13
Birthplace: Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan

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Where did I first see him?
The first time I saw him was in Kimi wa Petto, but I admit I didn’t really take notice until Nodame Cantabile.

My Opinion:
I really like him as an actor. He some how seems to play the same character in a lot of what he does, I wonder if he has just been typecast of if that’s a bit of himself coming through. I like his wild hair that always seems to be different, and I don’t think I’ve been disappointed in anything I’ve seen of him.

TV Shows:
bullet Voice (2009)
bullet Last Friends (2008)
bullet Tokyo Daikushu (2008)
bullet Loss Time Life (2008)
bullet Nodame Cantabile (2006)
bullet Tokyo Friends (2005)
bullet Orange Days (2004)
bullet Water Boys (2003)
bullet Kimi wa Petto (2003)
bullet Lunch no Joou (2004)

bullet Dororo (2007)
bullet Su-ki-da (2005)
bullet Summer Time Machine Blues (2005)

bullet Official Website
bullet Japanese Wikipedia
bullet Drama Addicts Wiki


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  1. loveparadox

    Eita is hot! I love his ears lol jk

  2. GoddessCarlie

    What a strange fetish Loveparadox!

  3. blue_riceball

    Does anyone know how did he learn to play the violin. Eversince I saw Nodame Cantabile, i keep on wondering if what did they have undergone to portray their characters. I saw once in another site that Ueno Juri really knows how to play the piano. I was really impressed by her piano playing in Nodame… i got curious of Tamaki and the others too..

  4. Haru

    they said, they learn to play insrument before the drama shooted. about 3 months. (if im not wrong ==)>) i wacth nodame’s behind the scene.

    ah do you know who is tamaki’s girl friend now? cos i heard he had already broke up with hitomi shimatami.

  5. blue_riceball

    wow.. three months, they are really a good actors and actress

    nope, i am still finding news about Tamaki and Ueno Juri but couldnt find one.
    why did he broke up with his gf?

  6. Haru

    yes. if u watch their behind the scene. Tamaki looks so cute when he was teached by a real conductor. he smile. wow!

    i just read in some web, u can look wiki. first his gf was rosa kato. then he broke up. dunno whats the reason then on july (if im not wrong) then he was with hitomi shimatani. then in 08. he broke up again. i read that because both of them are too bussy.

    i read a magz (old magz in 07) jin (from kattun)’s gf is rosa kato.

    think tamaki and juri wont be a couple. they look so suit couple tough. X3

    check out juri’s new drama, last friend. the prev is so good)b

  7. mayumi

    we’re the same! I admit I didn’t notice him that much in Kimi wa Petto, but since I watched Unfair, I looked for all of Eita’s dramas and they’re all I watch these days XD LOL ~ He’s my favorite Japanese actor, any role suits him and whenever I see him in another drama (though his roles are almost always supporting roles), he does a very good job. It’s like watching a different Eita each drama ^^,

  8. l3aKa_pponZ

    i’ve first noticed from Nodame as well
    he’s a great actor
    i love him Last Friends and Summer Time Machine Blues

  9. blue_riceball

    Haru, do you have the link of the behind the scene that you saw? about Tamaki being taught by a real conductor?

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