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Densha Otoko

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This is the first J-Dorama that I have watched in full, and man, I loved it!!! Daisuki desu! (and here I am refering to the TV series of Densha Otoko, I haven’t seen the movie (yet).)

This is your average story about the geeky nerd (is that redundant?!?) who falls in love with a beautiful rich girl. Except this is based (loosely, I’m sure) on a true story!!

Otaku is a anime/game nerd in Japanese. And Tsuyoshi is an Otaku for sure! Traveling home on the train (densha in Japanese) one night, there is a drunk old man harrassing all the female passengers. When he gets to Saori, the girl across from where Tsuyoshi is sitting (and who is quite beautiful), he stands up to the man long enough for him to be taken by the police. Saori thanks him and gets his address to send him a thank you gift.

Tsuyoshi goes home and asks on a message board for help in getting this girl! Basically the whole story is Tsuyoshi finding confidence to date Saori with the help of members on a “Singles” message board.

The story is, as I said, nothing ground breaking. And Tsuyoshi is sooo over the top. Does he have to cry every time he talks to Saori?? By contrast, Saori seems so shy she doesn’t show any emotion. Just a slight smile here or there, or a single tear. She is a woman of few words.

denshaotoko.jpg But even though we are not crossing fresh ground here, the story did hold itself together. It was very entertaining to watch. It was sickly sweet a lot of the time, of course. But I think the thing that won me over for this was the comedy. It was laugh out loud funny. It was outrageous. The characters on the message board were charactures and I loved them! The whole show was so funny, I can’t recommend it enough!

My favourite character, without a doubt, was Misuzu Jinkama. She was somehow sweet yet scary. :)
If you are going to watch them, don’t forget to watch the specials. I have only seen the first special, I am going to watch the deluxe one tomorrow. But the first special, why, I think it was (perhaps!) better than the show! It was a riot! Lol. It was sort of a “behind the scenes” thing – what was happening to our other characters as the drama between Tsuyoshi and Saori was happening.

Much recommended  

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