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2013 Challenge….

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New Years Resolutions.


Today I’ve been thinking about the future, lots of dreams.

Dreams don’t come true (generally) unless you work on them.

The general consensus with most people is that new years resolutions don’t work. In fact there is no better time to work towards your dreams than right now.

Let’s talk. Every summer for the past umteen years I have lost weight and gotten fit. Every winter I put most of it back on. It then takes me a couple of months to get my eating and exercise back in check to where I actually start losing weight. I want to stop the cycle. One way that I know works in the summer is I record somewhere what I eat and what exercise to do. So I had an idea to try and keep this up over winter. Then I had another idea to keep it all in a book that has dates so that I can see my progress, and I can use stickers for motivation.

Introducing my goal book.

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Last Day At Work For The Year

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Soooo so happy. Today was my last day of work for the year. Very happy to have two weeks “off”. On those two off weeks I plan on writing. My progress right now:

Must Write 2012-2013 Project
18,448/75,000 words

Had an interesting day. My main job called me after work to say there may be an opportunity in the new year. The problem is that it will be a big commitment for not so much money. But it will be more money than what I have now which is needed. The commitment and pressure though will be immense, and I have this thing where I need my life to be balanced. I do like to have time to come home, relax, not worry, spend some time with my family and at the moment I’m enjoying writing at night. I’m also trying to get fit and healthy (ugh, again). I don’t think I would want to stuff that lifestyle up for any amount of money.

I would do it for writing. If I had to, if I could, I would write day and night and hibernate to make my dream come true.

My current day job is not my dream.

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Day in the life

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Had a great weekend, mainly because it involved ramen. It is about a 40min drive away for us to get to this place, depending on traffic, but it seriously serves the best and cheapest ramen that we have found in Brisbane – and you get a free refil of noodles too. I just wish that they had free rice, but I’m greedy and don’t actually need the rice – just like I don’t need the refil of noodles, I just want it. This is of course Hakataya Ramen, where there is always a line.
Oh, and they are having a noodle eating comp on the 26th of October. I want to do it just for cheap noodles – $10 all you can eat!

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Nanowrimo 2012 is almost here and I’m not prepared

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I’m just going to pretend there hasn’t been a two year gap since my last post :D

It’s almost Nano time again! I have not planned a thing yet. I like to plan, it is easier for me to just sit down and write when I don’t want to if I have planned something. Somewhat easier.

In 2010 I was planning to take part, but it fell through fairly early on because I got a job in a book store! Heh.
Last year I won, and bought scrivener – a writing program – that I absolutly love.

In other news, I finally got myself a tumblr thingy. I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

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A real life blacksmith

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In my WIP, one of my main characters is a blacksmith. I know shit all about blacksmithing. So I need to research.

Enter Felicia Day who interviews a real life blacksmith. Yes, I’m watching this for research. Honestly.



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Eurovision 2012

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My sister, who lives in the USA, asked what Eurovision is. It’s a song contest held every year in Europe; It is a competition that ABBA won many years ago. It is often fun to watch because it can be weird, and it can be so bad that it’s good. Also good to watch the semi finals because often the “safe” songs make it to the finals. It’s great fun to watch every year.

This is what I’m talking about… Here is Russia’s entry. This is the best Russia has to offer… And it came 2nd in the competition overall. Acutally, I love it, I would have voted them second best too :) They do some baking while singing!

Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki sing Party For Everybody

Spoilers for the winner of Eurovision 2012 after the break, incase you haven’t heard yet…

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Brandon Sanderson’s University Classes For Writing

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The internet is fantastic, I’m so glad that I am living in this age (even if I do often dream about the past and fantastical worlds). One valuable resource out there is Scott Ashton – a former student of awesome writer Brandon Sanderson. He is putting up on the web Sanderson’s lectures. Check out his website.  Here’s the first part of the first class –

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