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Writing Katakana – ア to オ

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It’s カタカナ time! Katakana is the part of the Japanese Writing System that I perhaps have the most trouble with – I still have to sound out each syllable, and I can barely write it – only words that I know well. Even sounding out words is difficult – as often I’m trying to make out some kind of English word, something that I shouldn’t do as not all Katakana words are even Japanese-a-fied English. But that is another bag of worms.

I use the same method as Hiragana learning – associating Katakana with things of similar shapes. I’m not sure where this method came from, as I remember using this back in primary school, as well as more recently in University. If you know where this method came from, please tell me!

As for getting the Katakana into my head, I plan on working the same way as I did with hiragana, and currently kanji. Write with them whenever I can. I don’t encounter them as much as I do hiragana and kanji, one problem, but there are some good sources out there which feature a lot.

Enough blabbering, let’s begin:

Lesson 1 – ア to オ。

ア – A
A person sticking out their tounge and saying “Ah“. A picture of a mouth with a tounge poking out.

イ - I
An eagle. I guess this one is a stretch, but the way I think of it is a english “I” with out the bottom stroke. I seem to remember this because “E” looks like an “I”. Confusing but some how it works. Maybe eagle will work for you.

ウ - U
An old woman carrying a heavy pack on her back. “Oomph!” Can you see the woman bending over with the pack on her back? Be careful not to confuse this one with “ワ” – “wa”.

エ – E
The curtains close at the end of the performance. Image of closed curtains. I always somehow remember that the “e” looks like an “I”.

オ – O
And old orange tree with a broken branch. It is helpful to think of this as the kanji for tree: 木 with one “branch” missing. I guess it’s an orange tree to reinforce the “o” sound.

To be continued in our next thrilling episode of Writing Katakana
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