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Some Awesome Websites

Posted by on Jan 19, 2009 in Language | 2 comments

OK, here’s some websites that I have visited lately and think are awesome!!!

  • Japanese Readers for the Middle Years

  • An interactive website designed for children (perhaps high school?). The Japanese here is very simple, however it is a bit of interactive fun. If you are new at Japanese it has visuals and audio to help you along. For those who are a bit futher along, it’s just a bit of fun for five minutes. wink_whitething

  • News of Japan
  • Short news stories from Japan. You can chose if they are displayed in romaji, kana or kanji. There is also an audio file you can listen to as you read. Again, it’s all very simple and I think a great resource for those of us who are trying to jump into reading actual Japanese. It also refers to the book 2001 Kanji Odyssey (what numbers the kanji are on the website in the book), for those using that resource.

  • Kansai Ben
  • An awesome reference on the Kansai Ben/Kansai Dialect. This is the best page I’ve seen on it yet! I haven’t even scratched the surface of this site, but it has audio and video examples, and is set out clearly with tables comparing Kansai Ben with standard Japanese.

  • Japanese Onomatopoeia – Algorithm March
  • A post about onomatopoeia in the algorithm march. I was so disappointed when I saw the algorithm march on TV that it had no ninjas in it while I was watching (that I could see, anyway). I love the algorithm march!


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  1. Tornadoes28

    I am very familiar with the algorithm march as it is part of one of the children’s shows my son watches….here in Los Angeles.

  2. GoddessCarlie

    Ha! I hadn’t heard it before until I did on Youtube. Is it in Japanese or an English alternative? I admit I don’t know the history or anything about it, really.

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