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Similar Hiragana Characters

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Before we move onto Hiragana learning techniques and the other Hiragana (“What?” you ask, “There’s more?” Don’t worry, the rest of the hiragana just build on what you already know…), let’s see if you have got a good handle on the hiragana I’ve already talked about by seeing if you can distinguish between like characters.

I want you to get out a pen and paper so that you can actively write these characters down. Here we go!

Quiz – Similar Characters – Romaji to Hiragana

Write down your answers, then click “Show Answer” to see if you were right!
Let’s Start!

1. A / O

[spoiler]あ ・ お[/spoiler]


2. U / E

[spoiler]う ・ え[/spoiler]


3. KI / SA

[spoiler]き ・ さ[/spoiler]


4. CHI / RA

[spoiler]ち ・ ら[/spoiler]


5. TA / NA

[spoiler]た ・ な[/spoiler]


6. ME / NU

[spoiler]め ・ ぬ[/spoiler]


7. I / RI

[spoiler]い ・ り[/spoiler]


8. MA / MO

[spoiler]ま ・ も[/spoiler]


9. RU / RO

[spoiler]る ・ ろ[/spoiler]


10. KE / HA / HO

[spoiler]け ・ は ・ ほ[/spoiler]


11. WA / RE / NE

[spoiler]わ ・ れ ・ ね[/spoiler]


How did you go? There were 24 answers all together. Calculate your score and then read your results below!

24 – 19 Correct Answers
Well done! You rock! You pretty much know your stuff! That is fantastic! Ah, but how good is your Katakana and Kanji??

18 – 13 Correct Answers
Not too bad! You got more than half correct which is a pass I guess. Still, there is room for improvement and I have no doubt this will come just from practise.

12 – 7 Correct Answers
Oh dear. You got quite a few wrong there. I would suggest going back to the start of my Learning To Read and Write Hiragana series and just do a bit more revision. Then PRACTISE! Eventually you’ll get there, I promise ;)

0 – 6 Correct Answers
Wow! You suck! No really, you know you do. But that’s OK. We all had to start at the start and it looks like you are still there. Why not go back to the start of my Learning To Read and Write Hiragana series, and also look out for future posts in this series where I’ll be talking about learning strategies and provide some awesome resources. You can do it!

Why not share your results in the comments? I got 24/24 of course… But if I was to do something similar with Katakana…. my results wouldn’t be so peachy…




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