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Reviving Remembering The Kanji

Posted by on Jun 22, 2008 in Language | 10 comments

I’m excited because it is not long now until I will have a weekly dose of Ikuta Toma when he co-stars with Ohno Satoshi in Maou. Which has nothing to do with the rest of the post which is about Reviewing the Kanji. After a bit of a break from studying Japanese, I am back into it with my quest to Remember the Kanji.

I’m on uni holidays now, so I would like to get as many as I can done in the next four weeks. I’m not expecting to finish, but I would like to come as close as I possibly can. I’ve done the maths, I know how much I need to do in order to get close to finishing. However, I’m not going to try and reach a certain number and put pressure on myself. I’m going to do as much as I can each day, trying not to burnout. Here’s some things I’m planning to do:

  • Use the Reviewing the Kanji Website to help me come up with new stories. There are lots of example stories there that give me something to start with that I can adapt for my own use. Saves lots of time!!
  • Use Anki to actually review the kanji. I just love Anki so much, it is the best flash card program that I have used so far, and I have used a few. I have written a post on how I structure my RtK deck in anki for those who are interested.
  • Because I am now working more hours at work, thanks to reduced time at uni, the good news is I will have a dedicated lunch time (instead of eating on the go between work and uni – not fun). So I plan to use my lunch break for actual study. Just to go through stories that I have had trouble with and need adapting, practise writing difficult kanji etc. This will be things I can do on paper, as when I write things down on paper often I remember them better. I also recommend this Practise Page Generator for RtK keywords.
  • So, remembering the kanji, here I come (again)!!


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  1. Chris

    Good luck with it :) I just started the book today!
    Anki really is awesome.

  2. Joye

    Great site! I am also doing remembering the kanji, although I haven’t gotten very far.

  3. Thomas (babelhut.com)

    I’m about to finish Remember the Kanji (I’m at somewhere around 1890 now) and I can tell you that it’s about the best thing I’ve ever done for my Japanese study. Since I started RTK, so many things pop out at me on a daily basis that I think I probably wasted years by not going through this book earlier. Give it your best. It will help you a lot in the long run!

  4. GoddessCarlie

    I’ve been doing RtK on and off again for a long time now, but I’ve discovered that I just can’t do it while I am at uni and have to learn Kanji their way. Which is why I want to really power through them on my break. I know from the few I’ve done – almost up to 600 – that it is a method that I love and can see the benefits already.

  5. Kristoffer

    Hey Carlie,

    You post some really interesting and very helping things. I just started using RTK, going for my 100th kanji …not that many but it’s a start …I still don’t really understand anki fully but it has helped some this far. How is it going for you now? It was a while ago since you wrote this so I can imagine that you might have finnished the book ?

  6. Goddess Carlie

    I haven’t finished the book yet! I still think it is great, but I can only do RTK in bursts before I burn out on it. The good news is when I come back to it it is easy to start out where I left off.

    I use RTK mostly for remembering how to write the kanji. I have been using Kanji Odyssey to learn the pronunciation of words. At the moment, however, I’m practising getting a passive recall of Kanji through reading manga. It is very enjoyable.

  7. Kristoffer

    Wow thanks for mentioning Kanji Odyssey it was very helpful. If you have some spare time and if you don’t already know of this page that is, you could check it out, it has a lot of interesting posts and links: http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com

  8. GoddessCarlie

    yeah I know about Khatz, look I’m in his sidebar from before everyone really got to know about him :D He has some great tips there

  9. Kristoffer

    Yeah you are right, man I’m stupid …I think I even found your blog through his page, I’m glad I did, you’ve helped me a lot.

    So I was meaning to ask, I’m sort of trying out Kathz way of learning japanese but I might be taking some classes too but the question do you think it will collide in ways of teaching/learning kanji?? Do they teach you totally different kanjis from the ones in RTK or are they the same ??? I’m sorry if this was a bit messy :wave:

  10. GoddessCarlie

    It of course depends on the class, all classes are different. Everyone has different ideas on the ways of learning and teaching, and the class you take may be different from Katz. Most likely it will be different. As for kanji, it would probably be some of the kanji from RTK but in a different order. You are best to ask the people running the course, they would know more of course!

    As to classes, I think they are a great idea especially at the beginning. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have sofar with Japanese if it wasn’t for classes. They help to understand different concepts with Japanese, especially if this is a first time learning a new language. Once you have more idea then learning new things on your own gets easier.


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