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Remembering to Remember the Kanji

Posted by on May 5, 2007 in Language | 0 comments


OK, so I’ve been fairly slack with updating on my Japanese progress, as well as being slack with actually learning Japanese. Don’t you just hate it how life gets in the way?

But I’m just making excuses. It’s been over a month since I lasted posted any Japanese. I am hoping to posting more regularly from now on. Hopefully at least twice a week. And more lessons soon, ok!

Anyway, up there, that is my latest progress on my Kanji. I’m happy to see I actually have added more kanji in the last month, so I haven’t been as slack as I thought. I just tested myself on my expired cards, and I got 66% correct. So far that is about how much on average I get correct, so that’s good. I’m all ways happy to see that I get more correct than wrong. This kanji stuff is hard!!!

But I do need to get my act together and add more cards. And… you know.. do the other things I’m falling behind on. Like doing the dishes.


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