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New Anki File

Posted by on Feb 27, 2008 in Language | 3 comments

I’ve started a new anki file. I let the one go too long that the spaced repetition was messed up, and it had such a huge workload as so many cards had expired – I would have never gotten to new cards.

Plus, a fresh start is refreshing!

So I’ve started again. I picked out a whole heap of words I was interested in reviewing. Stuff like 付き合う. I look up the word in my Casio XD-GX9600 and plug in one of the example sentences into anki. I also like to use anki to review grammar, so I’ll start plugging in some sentences from Japanese for Everyone chapter 13 soon.


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  1. sefi

    That’s really great. I downloaded it. I’m new to it, but you can’t really use it to study Korean as well? Because I’m learning both.

  2. GoddessCarlie

    Sure you can use it for Korean. You can use it for anything you want to learn. It’s a really diverse program which you can do a lot with. Try playing around with the Model Properties and other settings til it is right for you.

  3. Atreya

    Hmmm, I see no link for downloading it… :/

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