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Katakana – タ to ト

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It’s カタカナ time! 

Lesson 4 – タ to ト。

タ – TA
a tadpole with one leg, soon to become a frog.
Try not to confuse this one with ク “ku”.

チ - CHI
a chicken‘s feather

ツ - TSU
A needle and two buttons.
Tie this in with ソ ”so” – you’ve now put on two buttons. And pronounce “two” like “tsu”. A bit abstract, but helps you remember which way the strokes go so not to confuse it with シ “shi”.

テ – TE
Looks like a television antenna.
I always thought of it like a logo for a television station.

ト – TO
A totem pole.
To me this always looked similar to hiragana と so I remember it that way, as a toe.

To be continued in our next exciting episode of Writing Katakana – ナ to ノ »


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