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Katakana – ナ to ノ

Posted by on May 8, 2008 in Language | 3 comments

It’s カタカナ time! 

Lesson 5 – ナ to ノ。

ナ – NA
A nut cracker.

For me, it was always easy to remember that hiragana “na” means nun. And here is her cross!

二 - NI
These are two needles.

Of course, for those who know your numbers, “ni” also means two, and there are two strokes here. Infact, this is the same is the kanji for two, also pronounced “ni”:-
二 ニ bullet can you tell which is the kanji and which is the kana?

ヌ - NU
A noodle stuck between your teeth.
The フ shape is the mouth with the noodle stuck in there.

ネ – NE
You’ll never find your way on these roads.

ノ – NO
A needle and no button.

This ties in with ソ and ツ stories with the buttons and needles. However, the way I always thought of it was like saying “NO!” and putting a stroke through what was wrong.

I hope your Katakana studies are going well. To be continued in our next exciting episode of Writing Katakana.


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  1. Gregory

    Oh noes! You didn’t just stop without doing them all?!!!

  2. Ashton

    Please continue with your katakana – we need help remembering them!!

  3. GoddessCarlie

    I will continue soon!! I just want to finish my last semester of uni. :) Will definitely finish, however, I need to practise my Katakana too!

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