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Katakana – カ to コ

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It’s カタカナ time! Now we are on to “カ to コ”

Lesson 2 – カ to コ。

カ – KA
Cut the bread with a sharp knife.
The first stroke here outlines the break. Then the second stroke is a knife, cutting though the bread. Easy to remember because it is a more angular hiragana か without the second stroke.

キ - KI
This is a picture of a key. I always found this one to remember, as it is also similar to hiraga き.

ク - KU
Looks like a cook‘s hat. I remember this one from when I first learned Japanese in primary school. We learnt this one as “kookaburra’s beak”. Very Australian perhaps, but to me I can see the beak. For you, perhaps you can see a cook’s hat in this.

ケ – KE
Don’t confuse this one with “ku”. This is supposed to be a “kettle” but for me, I remember it as the same one I use for hiragana け - somehow I see another angle of the “keg“.

コ – KO
Half a tennis court. That’s easy to see. For me, again I use the hiragana keyword of “coin”. Because you don’t get confused if you use hiragana’s keywords, but I guess somehow my memory has latched onto these. These ones I don’t have trouble with either, so I guess it is not a problem for me.

To be continued in our next thrilling episode of Writing Katakana.
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