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Kanji Websites

Posted by on May 19, 2007 in Language | 0 comments

Here are some great websites to help you learn Kanji!!

bullet I’ve previously talked about Reviewing the Kanji website, but it should be mentioned again as it is my favourite place to go and… well, review the kanji.

bullet Speedanki.com is a place where you review kanji combinations based on what level of the JLPT you are up to. Great for reading in context rather than just recognising individual kanji.

bullet JLPT Kanji Project is a great site! You can review kanji including seeing lots of kanji combinations. You can study kanji by JLPT level, and there is also a vocab testing section.

bullet Drill The Kanji is a java applet program that allows you to test you on your kanji. There are on-yomi and kun-yomi tests, meaning tests and a review section.

bullet A Kanji A Day – with a name like that, do I need to say more?

bullet It looks like it was designed by someone from MySpace or something, but Kanji Game is… a great kanji game :) They also have a compounds game and a katakana and hiragana page.

bullet Previous columns in the Kanji Clinic page offer lots of advice in learning kanji.

So good luck with all your Kanji learning!


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