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Japanese Children’s Songs and Stories – Online

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Language | 23 comments


In a previous post, Books for Japanese Children, I talked about some of the books I have been (attempting to) read! In this article want to share some links to websites I have found and bookmarked. To be honest I haven’t used these to their full potential, but I really hope I get to them because they look like fantastic resources, which is why I wanted to share them!


childrenswebsite2 This one is great! It is a short story for every day of the year. There is text in Japanese and audio you can listen to while you read. The audio is nicely narrated and I hope to make an effort to improve my listening skills soon with this very resource. You can download the audio easily too, so you can easily put it onto your mp3 player of choice and listen on the go.

The stories are short so it is easy to either quickly listen to it and move on, or to study in depth.

Also, check out the parent (gateway) site, which leads to other websites for children. They include videos and more stories, etc. Click on “パソコン” to access the sites on your computer, the other links are for mobile phones. Some of the content is a bit too much for children (irritating videos on washing your hands because of the flu) but other stuff is cute and easy to understand. Highly recommended! There is also a website to learn about other countries, featuring national anthems and all.


websitse3This is a website full of Japanese children’s songs, ordered from easy to hard. Each page has the lyrics, music notation, and music with and without singing. Very nice! There is also a grammatical terms guide.

This one is a bit different in that the website itself isn’t aimed at children but at language learners. However, the songs themselves are children’s songs so I thought it was appropriate to include them on this list.


I really want to explore this website more! It seems like it is a podcast. It feels very professional and I think it may be done by NTT. I’m listening to one now and it has background music which is great, but perhaps also a bit distracting for the language learner. Def one that I want to look more into!


If you know of any more websites intended for Japanese children, please leave me a comment! Also check out my post on Japanese Children’s (print) Books! I think there are advantages to reading from a book, but no audio…


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  1. Daniel

    Thanks, I was hoping to come across something like this!!

  2. Jamaipanese

    great post. Took a listen of the podcast with that cute little fox at the top of the page. it’s a little too advanced for me but will definitely come in handy.

  3. Melissa

    fanta-jikan is indeed a podcast, with a new post about once a week. It’s fun to listen to and they have both short and long stories (they recently did a translation of Le Petit Prince). What’s really nice is they have transcripts of each of the stories they read. The only downside of the stories, as with many other children’s books, is the relative lack of kanji =/ But still, very good practice for listening and reading ^o^

  4. WC

    Thanks for the list! I’m sure these sites will help with my studies.

  5. Wim

    Thanks for the link to every day stories… :clap:

    Let’s see if I can keep it up listening (and understanding) each story day by day X0

  6. Magitek

    Just thought I’d say thanks for making this post. It’s extremely helpful.

  7. Godin

    Thanks that was a fantastic post!

  8. Sakurachan

    Hi Carlie, Thanks for those great websites. My husband & I lived in Japan for a few years teaching English & are wanting to teach our new son Japanese, so these will come in handy for our own continued learning & his.

    Do you happen to have any connection to Japanese kindergartens? When I was teaching at a few there, they sung a song before lunch that started “Obento, Obento, ureshii naa…”. I can’t remember the rest of the words & really want to relearn it to teach our little one. Can you do any research for me about it?

  9. Onita Wilner

    I spent a whole year as an exchange student in Kyoto Japan, and I have to say I probably wouldnt have survived if it werent for a cheap dinner of udon a few times a week! There is even one shop where you can eat for free if you do 30 minutes of washing the dishes after! Anyway, I found a load more tasty looking ideas at this udon recipe site.

  10. TokyoTown


    Great suggestions! I love the 365 stories website!

    Just wondering, do you know of any children books, websites, etc. similar to this that also include English translation?

    Thank you!

  11. lisa

    Hi Charlie,
    Great links! One question…do you know how to make furigana appear over the text on the storie? Some children’s websites have that option..could find it.

  12. lisa

    Hi carlie
    Do you know if ther is a feature on the kids story website that allows for furigana above the kanji? god, does that ever help!
    thanks for the info,

  13. lilabby

    Great post really and this post basically i am looking for some days before and now i get it thanks the mentors of this info and also great site

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