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Hiragana – や to よ

Posted by on Jul 2, 2007 in Language | 0 comments

OK, this lesson in hiragana is soooo damn easy you should be able to get it in ten minutes. There are only three characters on this line! Here they are:

Lesson 8 ー や to よ

や – YA
Looks like a yak. Here in Australia the way we pronounce yak uses the wrong “a” sound, however it is easy to see the little animal with horns, so it’s easy to remember.

ゆ – YU
No “U” Turn. I can see this as a sign with the tire tracks in a “u” turn, with a line going through saying NO!

よ – YO
A yo-yo. I guess you can se a yo-yo here…

Only two lines left to go now. We’re almost done.


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