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Hiragana – わ to ん

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Here are the last few characters you will have to learn to complete hiragana:

Lesson 10 - わ to ん

わ – WA
A magician waving his wand. The straight stroke is his wand and the curvy lines is the path the wand is taking

を – O/WO
An Olympic champion discus thrower. A note on this character – it is pronounced “o”, just like another character is pronounced “o” – お – however, this one is used only as the object particle. To type it into a computer you type “wo”, and sometimes you will see it referenced as “wo”.

ん – N
Looks like the letter n.

OK, we have now gone through all the characters in hiragana! Coming up next: practises, how to tell the difference between similar characters, and a list of the best hiragana-learning resources!


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