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Hiragana – た to と

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On to the た row. I have always found this row as the easiest to master.

Lesson 4 - た to と

た – TA
This one is so easy! It already looks like “ta” in English. You can’t get any simpler than that.

ち – CHI
Picture this as a ball of cheese with a fancy tooth pick.
Remember, don’t confuse さ and  ち. This sheet I have explains chi as cheese, but the way I originally remembered it was it looked like a cute chibi character from an anime. picture the curve as a cheek and the top bit as an ear. (or maybe this is just me?)

つ – TSU
It’s a giant nose and it’s sneezing – “tsu!”

て – TE
a broken tennis racquet.
I think this one is easy to visualise, as is:

と – TO
A profile view of a toe with a torn sticking out.
I always picture this as a toe with a giant hangnail.

Oh, and I never said these were perfect! Yes, some are really stupid, but perhaps you can see your own images in the hiragana, something you can relate to yourself. As with my example with “ち” – come up with your own stories so that you can make them stick. In fact, if they are your own story, it’s probably more likely that you will be able to remember them. Good luck on your hiragana-learning journey. :)

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