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Hiragana – さ to そ

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Time for some more Hiragana! I hope it is going well for everyone. I think separating these into bite size posts makes you see how easy these are to learn. We are onto the さ row now, so let’s go!

Lesson 3 – さ to そ

さ – SA
A samurai sword and the cut it has made.
(For this character, remember that the curve goes to the left, so not to confuse it with ち “chi”. While it looks like this could be confusing, I always found it rather easy to remember that one went left, the other right. But I could just be weird).

し – SHI
The way she wears her hair.
(Picture that this is hair on the back of the head that flips up at the tips)

す – SU
Soon the flower will grow.
(for this one, picture a little seedling sprouting)

せ – SE
The sun setting.
(I see the horizontal line as the horizon and then picture the sun setting)

そ – SO
Sewing machine.
(It’s easy to picture this as a zig zag stitch from a sewing machine)

Tune in next time for another thrilling instalment of Learning Hiragana with Carlie.

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