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Hiragana – ら to ろ

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Hey guys, only one more line to go!

Lesson 9 - ら to ろ

ら – RA
Looks like a Rabbit. You can see it’s cheek and floppy ear.

り – RI
Reeds in the river.

る – RU
It’s easy to think of this one in combination with ろ ro. See how one has a loop at the end and one doesn’t. To me this looks like the cursive form of “z” with a Ruby at the end.

れ – RE
A mountain climber resting with a climbing stick. The vertically line is the resting stick, with the squiggly line being someone sitting down…

ろ – RO
Remember る ru, with the ruby? Here a Robber has stolen the ruby!

You are now almost there! Only three more characters to go!


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