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Hiragana – な to の

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Now we are at the half way mark! Woo hoo!

Lesson 5 な – to の

な – NA
Looks like a Nun kneeling before the cross. This one is so easy to learn because I find that so easy to visualise. Along with the next one:

に – NI
Looks like a knee. The vertical line is one edge of your leg and the two horizontal lines are the knobbly outlines of your knee!

ぬ – NU
Picture this as two chopsticks with a loop of a noodle at the end. The character for the sound “me” is very similar, so watch out for this. I always remember “nu” because of the noodle at the end.

ね – NE
A hole in the net. That’s the thing my sheet says for “ne” but I fail to see how it’s a net. Still, remember “a hole in the net” and you get the “ne” sound and remember to do the loop at the end for the hole. Remember the hole because there are similar characters to this one. I found this one and the other similar characters the hardest to learn, but I got there eventually with practise and exposure.

の – NO
Picture this as “NO!” as in a circle on a sign with the big cross through the centre. A no smoking sign perhaps.

As I said before, this is the half way mark, woo hoo! Now you are over the hill for learning hiragana and it’ll be a nice slide down for the rest of the ride. If you keep practising that is :)

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